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Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Wed Dec 19 06:06:49 PST 2012

On Wed, 2012-12-19 at 07:02 +0100, somebody off-list wrote:
> Intressant!

There's nothing snipped for the quote.

I'm sorry, now I'm aware that it's much blah blah I've written.

However, allow me to add this last note ;) to the list, because there's
much discussion about the costs and about technical reasons.

The very serious thing about landline vs cell phone is the social

Humans need the possibility to retreat.

In the past a worker wasn't available 24/7, resp. those people were not
called workers, but slaves.

In the past it was allowed to take a rest of the world, including
friends, for some hours. Today people call police and fire department,
if somebody's handy and landline are turned off for just a quarter of a
day + today police and fire department take care about such "emergency

When we were boys, our parents did not know everything we did, they
couldn't track us. This is important to learn personal responsibility.
Many young men never learned what personal responsibility does mean.
They become offenders and claim that they are the victims.

Mobiles aren't the good communication devices we know from Star Trek,
the cell phones are misused.

Regarding to the costs, ask people working for credit counseling how
many people run into issues caused by cell phones and how many people
have got other money problems.

My neighbours don't walk 5 meters, if they need a teaspoon of salt, they
first call me and ask if I could give them some salt.

A friend once lamented that he was visited by another friend, without
being calling and asked, if it's ok to visit him.

At some point people start confusing their real friends, with their
social network friends, because there's no difference in the kind of

Time to shut up for me. I anyway need to go shopping in the Internet, to
buy a cybersex suit, for contemporary social interaction.


PS: I nearly forgot, in the past there always were idiots talking about
doomsday. In the past this was funny, because it was unobtrusive. Today
there's more knowledge available for everybody, but who cares about
knowledge? Who cares about truth? We need more scripted reality and
doomsday hype, don't we?

Back to the topic, about homepages:
No Twitter link on a Linux homepage IMO is a good thing.

Perhaps I should twitter my thoughts ;).

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