[Ardour-Users] Parallel compression - Was OT: bus strain on computer resources

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Dec 13 12:29:39 PST 2012

On Thu, 2012-12-13 at 14:17 -0500, Al Thompson wrote:
> Just out of curiosity - I am really curious about the software they
> give
> in the examples.  For instance - does the latency remain constant for
> all values of compression/threshold/etc? 
> If the latency varies at all, and they are using "parallel
> compression,"
> what they are doing has nothing to do with compression, but is simply
> a
> level-dependent chorus/doubling.

I did not spend much time with all those articles. I only read Cubase,
Pro Tools etc. and "fat" mixes and after reading "fat" I wasn't
interested any more. I'm not against fat sound, I'm just short in time
and not that much interested in this topic at the moment. Latency should
not vary, I read short explanations with the claim that there aren't
latency issues for DAWs, but they only were talking about the parallel
routes, not about compressor settings.

Something that could be called "level-dependent chorus/doubling" is what
I expect, but I don't want. If there should be an interesting method to
get stereo sum compression, to keep sound transparent e.g. when playing
a song by car hifi while driving, without getting the side effects of a
compressor, then I'm very interested.


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