[Ardour-Users] bus strain on computer resources

wayne at in-giro.org wayne at in-giro.org
Wed Dec 12 04:37:29 PST 2012

Citando "will cunningham" <willpanther at gmail.com>:

> Friends,
> I'm using Ardour to mimic the workflow of analog mixers with a few
> adjustments for old-school analog musicians not familliar with DAWS.
> This is a confirmation about the computer resources for a bus in
> Ardour before I scale this for them:
> I'm using A LOT of buses.  From reading posts/docs it seems that the
> main coumputer restriction on tracks in Ardour is the speed of disk
> writing;  Therefore even if I had say three buses per track for
> monitoring/groups etc, they add much less strain on the recording
> process than the actual recorded tracks.
> It seems to work fine on my laptop(2g ram, 2.5g cpu) with 8 tracks and
> several more buses, but I'm guesing 4G Ram with a 4G processor could
> handle buses galore even if my peops want to go up to 24 tracks, and
> get a little crazy with effects,groups etc. as the strain is mostly
> buses, and not hard drive issues(which handles 24 tracks straight in
> no problem even on my laptop)?
> thanks,
> Will

   my experience w/ buses: with A3 + my laptop (x86_64 Intel(R)  
Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz + 8 GB RAM + 7200 RPM SATA) i have  
used at least ~40 tracks & ~20 buses (prob more), w/ all effects on  
the buses, w/ no problems.  i obviously like using buses, they seemed  
like a logical choice when i came to DAWs w/ no mixing background  
(though i have been told otherwise).  however, beware that buses w/  
plugins are not latency compensated yet in A3, and i have noticed some  
issues over time, e.g. changes in plugins on a bus causing changes in  
timings of the audio processed on that bus.  YMMV.

peace, w

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