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Al Thompson althompson58 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 10:41:49 PST 2012

On 12/04/2012 11:34 AM, John Rigg wrote:
>> Tough, it still equates to forcing "another person's rapid workflow" on the
>> user, it's good as a starting point, I repeat (because it's very nice to
>> have something you can run and start mixing straight away with an intuitive
>> and powerful interface without having to mess with plugins and having lots
>> and lots of cumbersome plugin windows just to tweak a comp ratio on one
>> track while boosting mids on another and adjusting sends on yet another),
> And if the tracks were recorded with the right sound in the first place?

Aww heck - just "fix it in the mix!"
and I'm actually a prospective buyer of Mixbus, but it still means having

>> to conform to someone else's way of working. Acceptable (and unavoidable)
>> on hardware mixers, and also on DAWs up to a certain extent, but one of the
>> advantages of digital is actually not having THIS kind of limitations. One
>> thing is "standard number of mix busses at boot-up", another is "up to 8
>> mix busses", it smells of "Lite Edition" software.
> I disagree. The more I see enabled by default on a DAW screen, the more
> it makes me think it's aimed at inexperienced users. Ardour is a tool,
> not a toy.

BINGO!!!!  It's the difference between marketing to people who want to
record/mix audio on a computer, vs marketing to those who want
pretty-looking software.

They are two different paradigms.  He considers the current way of
thinking (the way people's workflow happens) to be limiting, so he
suggests a different paradigm which he thinks would work for him - but
which would make it useless for everyone else (or at least would turn it
into an entry-level program).

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