[Ardour-Users] "Set tempo from region" broken?

Kevin Thoma kevin.thoma88 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 17:57:02 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I was going to report this issue to the bug tracker on ardour.org but I
seem to be the only one with this problem, so I decided to ask here first
to see if it's something on my end (because I feel like if a feature was
this broken to everyone else, I would have found something about it on the

So I recorded a drum track that wasn't played to a click track, and am now
trying to get the grid in ardour to match the (variable) tempo of the
drummer. In theory, this works fine. I split up the whole performance into
one bar regions, then use the "set tempo from region=Bar" function to add a
new tempo marker to the beginning of each region. Everything's fine until I
restart ardour, at which point the tempo markers are all over the place,
rendering all previous manual tempo setting useless. After the restart, the
first tempo change marker "snaps" to the beginning of the next bar in
global tempo. So if the global tempo is 120bpm and I set a tempo change
marker at bar 3, beat 2 at that tempo, after a restart of ardour the tempo
marker will - wrongly - be at bar 4, beat 1. For some reason, the newly set
tempo then still doesn't change with the beginning of the next bar or
region (where I originally set a second tempo change marker), but stays the
same for six or seven bars, after which my original second tempo change
will occur (and so on for the remaining tempo changes).

The same falling-out-of-alignment happens when I "undo" the placement of a
tempo marker, and even "redo" won't fix it. Obviously, this means I can't
use the function, because the information it generates seems to corrupt on
saving. Any ideas what could be happening here? I'm using ardour 2.12 and
can reproduce this behaviour in a new session every time.

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