[Ardour-Users] IMPORTANT cross-fade changes in Ardour 3 svn

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Mon Apr 16 10:41:04 PDT 2012

On 16.04.2012 19:24, Paul Davis wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 1:20 PM, Dragan Noveski<perodog at gmx.net>  wrote:
>> yes, the same here. i also spoke to harrison, but i still do not get the
>> point what might be better now. perhaps it is gonna be documented somewhere
>> or there is  a cool youtube video of how to handle x-fades now.
> it doesn't offer new functionality. instead it:
>     (a) reduces by 1 the number of different things that can
> potentially affect the gain applied to a sample
>     (b) removes a huge chunk of complex code from the code base
> we view these both as improvements. there may be some issues to work
> out with respect to the ability to do really arbitrary fades, but they
> will get worked out over time, and without the complexity that the
> former Crossfade object added to the code.
> --p
the a) and b) seems to make sense to me, but simply adjusting the length 
of a x-fade is not that simple anymore.

but still - it might be that i only do not know how to handle it.



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