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S. Massy lists at wolfdream.ca
Wed Apr 11 14:11:38 PDT 2012

Hello, Q,

I join those who preceded me in congratulating you for a lovely and well
executed piece. Romantic? Definitely, and in more than period! I find
the piece very melancholic, but beautiful; much the same way I feel
about some Chopin.

But... well... I just don't dig this piano sound... Maybe it's the
sample, or the way you EQ'ed it, but it sounds stuffed with cotton to me
and just doesn't come alive, neither in my monitors nor in my
headphones. Also, I think a nice room reverb would have complimented
this piece beautifully.

Keep posting!


On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 07:38:12PM +0100, Q wrote:
> Hi
> Here's a short piano piece that I've written (I haven't come up with
> a suitable title as yet). It was recorded and mixed in Ardour.
> FLAC [13.4 MB]
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_untitled-piano-piece_10-04-12.flac
> OGG [ogg7, 5.4 MB]
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_untitled-piano-piece_10-04-12.ogg
> MP3 [320 kbps, 10.8 MB]
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_untitled-piano-piece_10-04-12.mp3
> I just wish I could play it more to my satisfaction, with better
> control of the dynamics -- my left-handedness really gets in the way
> of an even balance. But it's most of the way there and I eventually
> did a take without hitting a wrong note, so I'm fairly satisfied.
> I started writing it almost exactly three years ago. I delved back
> into it a bit in the winter of 2010 and then picked it up again a
> few months ago and after a concerted effort and a lot of work have
> finally managed to complete it.
> Comments welcome. Enjoy.
> Q
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