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Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Apr 10 12:38:00 PDT 2012

Hi Q!
   Wow, this is a completely new direction. I qwouldn't have thought that of 
you, remembering Lovatnet or beyond tripple point or even your first Laetoli. 
It has some very romantic passages, by which I don't mean the emotion 
necessarily, but the period of time. Hm, thinking about it: also the emotional 
state. :-) Nice piano, could that be a Sampletekk Black Grand as well? I seem 
to recognise its characteristics. :-)
   A very nice work all in all. I like your left handedness, it does something 
for the piece. I tend to do little in the left hand as do others here and in 
other places, where you can find free self-composed music, unless they really 
sit down and have a specific form of musical piece in mind (like 
counterpunctual or similar).
   coming back to its real beauty, the melodies, I seem to spy a glimmer of 
something there, which reminds me of something. :-P Lovely work, some nice 
chords in figures in there!
   Pianisedly yours

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