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. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Wed Apr 4 10:04:05 PDT 2012

hi andreas,

thanks for your detailed reply.

> 1. Rename the .cue file, so you have a file pair named like this:
> example.cue + example.bin, not example.bin + example.bin.cue (which
> is what Ardour3 is doing right now I believe).

i'm using 2.8.12, which gives me example.cue and example.wav, no .bin.

> 2. Make sure you *do not* include a pregap before the first track in
> your rendered audio, in Ardour lingo this means, always set the
> session start marker at the same position as the first range's start
> position. (This is a good general rule, Ardour tries to be flexible
> here, but you should not make use of this feature.)

hm - let me see if i've got you right. i've got my sessions start 
marker, and my track one cd marker set at 00:00, *but* the first audio 
track actually starts at 03:00. you think this could be causing a problem?

> 3. Make sure you do not include any non-English characters in CD
> text (I have never checked which encoding Toast expects when reading
> a cue sheet, but it may very well be MacRoman, and not Windows-1252
> as used in cue files.

ok - checked, that's all ok.

i have a hunch though that it *is* something about the cd-text that 
toast doesn't like. when toast generates its own bin/cue's, it generates 
a separate cd-text file (a .cdt), whereas ardour is integrating the 
cd-text into the .cue file. could that be something?

i will send you the offending .cue offlist. thanks again for your help!



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