[Ardour-Users] .cue files

Andreas Ruge andreas.ruge at gmx.de
Wed Apr 4 09:27:27 PDT 2012

Am 04.04.2012 16:08, schrieb . m u r m e r .:
> a question about making .cue files with ardour:
> when i make a master and its accompanying .cue file with ardour, i've 
> noticed that i can't burn it with toast. i get an error that says my 
> file 'is not a valid .bin or .cue file' and that my .cue 'is in an 
> unsupported format and could not be added.'
> meanwhile, i *can* burn the project with burn, but the resulting disc 
> (slow-burned on taiyo yuden discs) often won't play on audio cd players 
> (it always seems fine in a computer).
> any ideas what's wrong, or what i can do to remedy this?
Hi Patrick,

I've recently been tweaking Ardour's cue file output and I'd like to
find out, what causes the trouble here. Unfortunately I don't have
access to the Toast program nor a Mac at all at the moment, and the
error message you get is not very precise, as usual.

So as a rough guess, here a few things to try:

1. Rename the .cue file, so you have a file pair named like this:
example.cue + example.bin, not example.bin + example.bin.cue (which
is what Ardour3 is doing right now I believe).

2. Make sure you *do not* include a pregap before the first track in
your rendered audio, in Ardour lingo this means, always set the
session start marker at the same position as the first range's start
position. (This is a good general rule, Ardour tries to be flexible
here, but you should not make use of this feature.)

3. Make sure you do not include any non-English characters in CD
text (I have never checked which encoding Toast expects when reading
a cue sheet, but it may very well be MacRoman, and not Windows-1252
as used in cue files.

4. If nothing has made Toast recognize your file, make a copy, open
it in your favorite text editor and reduce it to the following lines:

FILE "example.bin" BINARY
  INDEX 01 00:00:00

Toast should really be handling this, but you never know. But if I
remember correctly I have a few years ago worked on a software which
successfully output cue files read by Toast. So I'm pretty positive
it's doable.


P.S.: Would you mind sending me the troubling cue file (without the

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