[Ardour-Users] Will a Contour ShuttleXpress work on Ardour?

Harry van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 12:17:01 PDT 2011

Update: They've gotten back to me with the SDK, its available upon filling
in an application on thier site. Just send an email expressing intrested
using thier contact form.

Regarding the contents of the SDK, there's an #include <windows.h> at the
top, so it will probably need a little "porting work", but the functionality
seems pretty easily accessible. (And I don't have much USB or kernel dev
experience at all!)
There's example code as to how to use the library, and they provide both
dynamically linked & statically linked examples. Nice work Contour.

Unfortunately I don't have the time or a device to write a control surface
for the Shuttle Xpress at the moment. If that changes in the future I will
most likely hack something together to allow it become a MIDI controller..
but no promises this will be anytime soon.
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