[Ardour-Users] Fw: can't get midi to work

m.eik michalke m at openmusiccontest.org
Fri Sep 30 06:11:42 PDT 2011


am Freitag 30 September 2011 (14:40) schrieb Thomas Vecchione:
> It isn't that Ubuntu can't be used, it is that it tends to be more of
> a headache than anything especially for new users.  They tend to break
> the distribution packages of Ardour in subtle but annoying ways, and
> they are specific to Ubuntu.

it's probably just not enough headache yet to get it working ;-) i mean, 
someone could just create an alternative repository with proper builds, or 
register another launchpad project, also to deliver automatic daily builds 
from svn etc.

> and their tendenecy to update packages a bit on the slow side(2.8.6 is how
> many years old now?)

nick is just using an old ubuntu release. lucid lynx was released in april 
2010, ardour 2.8.6 three months before that:
 o http://ardour.org/node/3295

i find that acceptable. the 11.10 release has 2.8.11.
 o https://launchpad.net/ardour

viele grüße :: m.eik

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