[Ardour-Users] Fw: can't get midi to work

harryhaaren at gmail.com harryhaaren at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 03:47:00 PDT 2011

On , Nick Ramm <seeyoushortly at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> On synaptic is says this is the latest release..

Synaptic provides "built" packages, as in binarly releases. These binary  
releases need to be built by others and then approved for release, release  
& then you get them. There can be quite some time between "release" of a  
new version (source code) from a developer, and the binary of that showing  
up in Synaptic. (Also *really* depends on if your  
running "stable", "testing" or "unstable" Debian... )

If you're comfortable compiling checkout jackaudio.org, otherwise let the  
Debian packager for jack know that you'd like < 1.20 :)
Find out who the packager is by going into synaptic and clicking  
the "jackd" package, and hit properties. Should provide an email address or  
Good luck, -Harry
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