[Ardour-Users] Strange ram/external sound card problem

David Halter davidhalter88 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 07:15:13 PDT 2011


As I started to fix a few bugs, I noticed that the compile times where
really high, so I bought 4 GB of additional ram (had 2 GB before), because
hardwares cheap and developers expensive :-)

With that, my external sound card started with some really annoying
crackling. As I finally figured out today, that the cause of the cracklings
is the additional ram, I really didn't know what to do anymore. This problem
is really strange.

Ram is working fine, the audio cracklings are really the exception.

I really don't like compiling ardour with 2 GB and the crackling is so
annoying, that I cannot even listen to music.

Any ideas/thoughts how to fix this?

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