[Ardour-Users] Adding tracks or busses disconnects Ardour from JACK

John Rigg au at jrigg.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 03:01:19 PDT 2011

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 08:59:57PM +0100, Q wrote:
> Has anyone got any further suggestions as to what might be causing this  
> problem?
> It's a rather serious issue -- Ardour is not much use to me if I can't  
> create/delete/re-route tracks without it disconnecting from Jack. I  
> realise it might not be a problem with Ardour that's causing it, but  
> it's still a major show-stopper.

Do you have Ardour set to autoconnect to hardware ports when creating
a new track? Try disabling this if that's the case and see if Ardour
still disconnects from JACK when the track is created.

If that's successful try and manually connect the track input or output to
hardware, and see how many hardware channels show up in the connection menu
(in Ardour's mixer window channel strip). If you don't see the full number
of channels available it's probably a system configuration problem.


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