[Ardour-Users] "Export Ranges" functionality stopped working...

Mike Morris mcmorris95125 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 19:32:58 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I've been recording vinyl albums in Ardour (2.8.11 on Ubuntu 10.4), marking
the tracks as Ranges, and then using the "Session" -> "Export" -> "Export
range markers to multiple audiofiles..." feature to save the tracks in
individual FLAC files. I've been doing this for days, on dozens of albums.
Suddenly, the export to multiple file feature started hanging Ardour,
although I have a very repeatable workflow and I can't tell that I did
anything differently.

Any ideas why the export multiple would quit working?

Some particulars:

   - Exporting individual Regions one at a time still works fine... its
   only the "multiple files" function that's a problem
   - I've specified an existing directory name (both with and without
   trailing slash; both typed in and through the gui pop-up...)
   - Same problem regardless of export format (flac, wav, etc.)
   - The first file is created (so the path is correct and permissions are
   OK) and grows to a size of a few megabytes, then Ardour freezes and the
   file stops growing. I have to "kill" Ardour.
   - Its definitely not a disc space problem, either in the target or the
   /tmp filesystems. (I can save each file one at a time OK and the files are
   "good" in that they play fine. Then delete them all, empty the trash, and
   try the export multiple feature, and Ardour freezes on the first file...)
   - The same problem occurs now on a previous recording which earlier
   exported fine using the "multiple files" feature, so its not a corruption
   of the XML project file.

I am completely stumped. Thanks in advance for any tips you might have!!!


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