[Ardour-Users] Adding tracks or busses disconnects Ardour from JACK

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Sun Oct 9 03:18:23 PDT 2011

Hi everyone

I've recently upgraded my system from Ubuntu Studio 9.10 to a fresh 
install of Xubuntu 11.04 (with the Studio packages installed). I'm 
currently running the stock Xubuntu kernel.

On the new system I've installed Ardour 2.8.12 using the installer from 
the Ardour website. I was using an older, but still fairly recent 2.8 
series IIRC, version under UbuStu. I'm now running Jack 0.120.1.

Here's the problem. Whenever I try adding a track or bus Ardour usually, 
but not always, gets disconnected from Jack. This also occurs when 
trying to remove tracks or busses, or when changing the connections on 
existing tracks and busses to re-route stuff.

This isn't isolated to a single session and these were both very light 
sessions with single-digit CPU loads.

Is this an Ardour problem, a Jack problem or an OS problem? As you can 
see, there are quite a few new variables.

Any idea of what the cause of the problem might be and how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance


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