[Ardour-Users] Question about Ardour 2.8.11

Nick Murtagh nickmurtagh at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 14:41:09 PDT 2011

On 4 November 2011 10:05, Giorgio - Audiophilo <anomalsound at gmail.com>wrote:

> As soon as you'll take a look at those patches please let me know i'm very
> interested in them.
> Thank you again :)

Here they are: http://nickm.net/ardour-patches/

NB: I've updated these to svn rev 10443 but I can't compile ardour on
Ubuntu 11.10 (I get an error about "Only <glib.h> can be included directly"
- anyone know how to fix this?) so these are not even compile tested.

This patch makes it possible to use the cleanup feature without having a
dialog ask about every playlist in the session

This patch disables the dropdown that appears when you click on the track
input or output buttons and goes straight to the connection dialog. The
reason being that the dropdown rarely seems to have anything useful in it.
There are a couple of other usability enhancements for the dialog (sorting
of port names, centering the dialog on the screen and making it bigger I

Prints out some timings to the console, I wrote this to find out what parts
of the code were slow when starting a big session

Don't call redisplay_regions() during startup, this is the patch that
speeds up loading of large sessions (but means that the regions list is
empty on startup).

Fixes a crash in the gain meter code. This is issue 2907 in mantis. This
has been marked as fixed but the problematic code is still present in the
latest svn - not sure if it still causes crashes or not though.

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