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Apologies if this double posts...altered subject first time seemed to stymie at least one server.

If memory serves, the reverb is mainly CAPS plate in the 2x2 version, inserted on two separate stereo busses running parallel, one for the really long distance reverb in the intro-verse, and another for the more usable reverb for the rest of the tune.  My fx are always inserted pre-fader and in 100% effect mix, so that the bus fader then can be automated for the mix.  I think I also did some EQ after the plate, still pre-fader on the main reverb bus.  Often I'll eq the send simply by inserting a multiband parametric above the reverb or other effect plugin on a similar bussing arrangement so that the reverb/effect only responds to the frequencies I allow it to at input.  I find this helps keep things even cleaner than EQing the effect signal, which is also a "go-to" in my practice.
There is also yet another plate, this one 1x2 also on its own bus, and eq-d just to give a "glow" to the bass of the djembe... dunno whether it muddies the waters or not, but it felt good at the time!

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment!


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> I'll don my flame suit and offer another sacrifice for comment; although there's no snare in here!  Everything except the lead vocals recorded and mixed with Ardour 2.x...  I think I even updated through a version or two while in the middle of the project.
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20199140/Ticktock%20Islands.mp3

    sounds great and very clear, even with all the assorted effects and sounds.  can i ask what plugins you used (especially for reverb) and how you had them inserted?

peace, w

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