[Ardour-Users] multi-track exports

plutek plutek at infinity.net
Fri May 6 20:25:59 PDT 2011


i've got some sessions which i need to export, one-file-per-track, with common begin and end points for all tracks in each session. this is so the tracks can be easily imported into other software for mixing. the sessions have 20-30 tracks each, so i'm wondering if there is currently (in the 2.0 series) any way of exporting multiple tracks to their respective files at once, or automating the iterative process of exporting on a track by track basis.

the cycle of...

open export dialog
rename export file
choose track(s)

...over and over, is tedious and potentially error-prone.

note that i am actually on Mixbus, which limits exports to 2-tracks, so writing many tracks at once to a multi-channel file and then separating channels is not an option.

i guess i could, running in realtime, connect the channel outs to multiple instances of jack.record (or some such utility). any other interesting ideas?...


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