[Ardour-Users] Jack2 (1.9.7) & ardour 3.0

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at jamadots.com
Tue May 3 11:35:17 PDT 2011

I get the following log output when I boot ardour 3 alpha (*my highlight*):

> INFO]: looking for control protocols in 
> /opt/Ardour-3.0alpha4_9292-dbg/lib/surfaces
> [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: "Open Sound Control (OSC)"
> [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: "Mackie"
> [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: "Generic MIDI"
> [INFO]: Loading menus from /opt/Ardour-3.0alpha4_9292-dbg/etc/ardour.menus
> *[WARNING]: This version of JACK is old - you should upgrade to a 
> newer version that supports jack_port_type_get_buffer_size()*
> [INFO]: Loading bindings from /home/henry/.config/ardour3/ardour.bindings
> Loading history from 
> /home/henry/Music/Ardour.11/Newsic.05.03.11/Newsic.05.03.11.history

I have tried to install jack2 (1.9.7) by building the tar ball, 
currently I have v. 1.9.6 (jackdmp 1.9.6). What happens, it seems, is 
that 1.9.6 remains installed as a separate program (i.e., the newer 
version does not seem to overwrite the older), & I think gives me 2 
versions of jack, which I know is not the thing to have (& jack 1.9.7 
will not connect with the server when needed). When I try to uninstall, 
or remove jack 1.9.6 via synaptic, it 'wants' to remove a bunch of jack 
related programs, including my install of ardour 2.8.11, & not only 
that, but reinstall jack1. Is there some way around this quandary (this 
may be a deja vu circumstance)?

& perhaps, for my rather elementary purposes, having a single computer, 
using a echo mia-midi sound card, one midi keyboard, a Yamaha 01v 
digital mixing console, jack 1.9.6 is more than sufficient?

Thanks for any suggestions, etc., in advance.


P.s., I'm looking forward on getting ardour 3 to actually connect with 
my midi hardware (no luck so far).
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