[Ardour-Users] Which distro best supports Ardour using the Delta 44 (ICE1712)?

James james.cupoftea at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 00:11:37 PDT 2011

> So, I'm looking for advice. Is there a modern distro that can work
> with this Mobo/interface? Anyone else using this? The Ubuntu Launchpad
> is full of angry users who have been complaining about ICE1712 related
> bugs for years, so perhaps I should abandon it. How about 64 Studio,
> AV Linux, or Planet CCRMA? Or, should I start with something really
> small and build up instead?
I use debian stable/testing and have had very few problems. Debian uses 
alsa as default which should help. 64 studio might have something in the 
future which they are working on but I don't know when! 64 Studio v2.1 
uses debian etch and ubuntu so is quite old. AV linux is debian based 
too and has extras. I am putting together my own live cd distro for 
purely audio apps. I have an early alpha version working if you'd like 
to try it?

Happy hunting


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