[Ardour-Users] graphical EQs [was: what linux audio project do you miss?]

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Ok I gotta nitpick here, Rock shows are hardly the only live show you will
find a 31 band at use in;)

I should nitpick the analogy to, but I should also be picking up the wife as
well right now:)


Sitting in his car trying to figure out how to do title blocks for AV system
drafts in Latex with PDFs of the drafts, making good progress too:)

2011/3/3 Jörn Nettingsmeier <nettings at stackingdwarves.net>

> sound design i could understand, depending on the creative process.
> for surgical, minimum-impact operations such as mastering however, you will
> find that a carefully tuned parametric EQ will yield far superiour, better
> controlled results with less phase distortion than a graphical one.
> after some practising, it will also be a lot faster to work with (just
> compare a quick frequency sweep to raising each GEQ band in turn to zero in
> on a problem band).
> also, once you've used the Q parameter, there's no going back :)
> of course everybody is free to use the EQs of their choice, but i still
> maintain that graphical EQs are sub-optimal for serious studio work.
> a 31-band eq is not "pro" because you find it in every rack out there. it's
> equivalent to the large hammer: you use it to make rock shows work at all,
> not because they sound good.
> in the studio, treat yourself to the luxury of precision tools.
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