[Ardour-Users] what linux audio project do you miss?

Chooch Schubert choochus at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 10:41:44 PST 2011

My magic genie wishes:

1) A really good virtual midi keyboard. I've only really found one and it is
very minimal. Would love to have something that has more features (pitch
wheel, modulation wheel, sticky keys)

2) A plugin that makes audio trigger a sample (like Drumagog does on
Mac/Windows). "LADSPA Trigger" works, but is very rudimentary and not
flexible enough. The plugin should allow you to set the sample that will be
triggered (rather than be tied only to set wav file names), or even better -
rather than spit out a wav file, make it send a midi signal with velocity
based on the transient amplitude. This way you could route to another
applciation that can do interesting things with the midi data.

Extra credit would be full audio-to-midi conversion recognizing the pitch
and velocity and sending that as midi output. Would allow you to play a
guitar, and have those notes actually drive a synthesizer matching the pitch
and velocity, but as a different instrument. There are $50 hardware boxes
that do it, though with a lot of latency.

3) Noise gate plugin with a side-chain. Allow you to specify threshold and
gain increase/reduction amount. This would be simiar to using a side chain
compressor for ducking but more flexible. It would keep input audio clamped
down until threshold on the side chain is reached, then open the gate.
Preference would be for it to work in both directions (ie: stay open until
side chain threshold is met, rather than closed)

4) I second (third?) the call for a good sequencer. My holy grail would be
something akin to Properllerhead Reason. Not even the full package with all
of the effects and instruments... just the sequencing, piano rolls, and
groove quantization would be a huge boon to music creation on Linux!


On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 4:13 PM, Victor <victorcuad at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, I'm Victor and I'm currently studying computers science in Spain.
> I'm looking for a topic for my final carreer project (that should start on
> september 2011 and finish on june 2012),  and it seems like a good excuse to
> contribute to the linux audio scene. So, what do you miss? let your
> imagination fly, from plugins(ladspa, lv2, vsti, nyquist...), virtual
> instruments.. to musical applications (chordata and bizarre things..), etc.
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