[Ardour-Users] help needed to ascertain a MIDI design question

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Jun 11 13:10:48 PDT 2011

On Sat, 2011-06-11 at 14:41 -0400, Paul Davis wrote:
> MIDI itself
> doesn't really allow for this, because its based on an instrument
> model inspired by most acoustic instruments where you cannot play the
> same pitch twice without ending the first instance of that pitch.

Very good that there are 4 options, but if you won't read about supposed
bugs all the time, than stay at MIDI norm for the default setting.

If you don't, people guess Ardour is buggy, because for synth from the
80's anything else will cause hanging notes very often.

I never monitored the sequencers I used, but I suspect that they treat
such overlapping notes of the same pitch as notes with different pitch,
they send note on, note on, note off, note off OTOH I would suspect that
this shouldn't cause hanging notes. So perhaps they send note on, note
on and just one time note off OTOH ...? I can't remember any sequencer
sending a note off, before the second note on, but IMO this would be the
best for default. 'Legato' for the same pitch can cause wanted effects,
but also cause hanging notes. I experienced 'legato' for the same pitch
as annoying. Again, can't remember monitoring, so I'm not sure what they
do, but all

C64 C-lab Supertrack, Atari Steinberg Pro 24, Cubase, Windows Cubase,
Linux Qtractor AFAIR cause hanging notes.

Can't remember C64 Geerdes, Mac Logic, Linux Rosegarden, Atari C-lab
Notator and others.

Don't copy this annoying behaviour ;).

FWIW regarding to this, resp. similar issues
- 'reset all notes' can't harm
- very exentrical, because nearly no sequencer provide this and there
very seldom is the need for this 'running status on/off'

You want your Mark III sample sound like the original? So make the
default for legato notes of the same pitch as it would be for a real
Rhodes ;).

2 Cents,


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