[Ardour-Users] MIDI notes editing bug?

Nando nandinga at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 16:57:13 PDT 2011


Quick note: I'm nandoski from past mails. Just changed nick to nandinga in
order to be consistent with other sites :p Also joined the irc channel using
nandinga aswell. Real name Fernando Gessler ;)

Hey I was testing the MIDI notes editing interface today and found what can
be a bug.

I'm testing alpha8-9766 on Ubuntu Maverick with jackdmp1.9.6.

Start Ardour, snap to grid/beats/mouse, new MIDI track, note-pencil tool,
draw a region, draw some notes.

If you try changing note lenghts and/or moving notes in time, it works as
expected. But then change the size of the region by dragging the left edge
towards the right (making it smaller). Now the notes get different positions
and lenghts than intended.

I've also had a crash resizing one note but have been unable to reproduce it

Anyone noticed this behaviour?

Ok a newbie question: should I post this kind of things here or it's better
to post them in the devs list? oor should I go straight to Mantis?

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