[Ardour-Users] ardour 3.0 alpha season drawing to an end

Benjamin Scherrer realhangman at web.de
Thu Jul 14 07:49:33 PDT 2011


cool that beta status lights up at the horizon!

I want to point out that some bugs have gone lost, at least from the
Roadmap page, since the first alpha version was released.
For example bug #3650 has the target version => 3.0-alpha1, but since
alpha1 is already released, the bug does not show up on the roadmap page
anymore, even though it is still open. I hope that this can be avoided
when beta-1 comes out, because obviously not all bugs with target
version beta-1 will be resolved at that point (though I hope that
important bug like #4098 - export delay compensation- will be).

If the roadmap page is not really relevant for you and the bugs don't
get lost anyway, then never mind my mail :)


Am 11.07.2011 15:58, schrieb Paul Davis:
> Alpha 10 (the next one) will be the least alpha release of ardour 3.0.
> The release after that will be beta1. Because of this is, it is
> CRITICAL that users report two particular categories of bugs:
>    1) crashing bugs (this includes lockups/hangs)
>    2) workflow issues that make certain desirable goals impossible or
> absurdly hard to accomplish (particulary with respect to MIDI)
> Please use the bug tracker at http://tracker.ardour.org/ to report all
> such issues.
> thanks,
> --p

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