[Ardour-Users] ardour 3.0 alpha season drawing to an end

Wayne wayne at in-giro.org
Tue Jul 12 15:14:06 PDT 2011

Il giorno mar, 12/07/2011 alle 17.43 -0400, Paul Davis ha scritto: 

> On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Al Thompson <althompson58 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I had intended on putting Ardour through its MIDI paces this week, so loaded
> > up the new alpha9, started a new session, and recorded two MIDI tracks.  I
> > haven't added plugins or automation.  First off, I noticed that alpha9 eats
> > an incredible amount of CPU time.  I thought it may be because I was using a
> > previous version of jack, so I closed ardour and upgraded to the latest
> > which is in the Fedora 14 64 bit repo, which is jackdmp 1.9.7.  Now, it's
> > worse!  Upon starting alpha9 (open existing session, which is my session
> > with 2 MIDI tracks), I get a message in a pop-up window which says:
> >
> > "Please wait while Ardour loads visual data"
> >
> > And then consumes 100% of my processor for 3 or 4 minutes, is totally
> > unresponsive, and will not redraw the screen.  I can connect MIDI outputs
> > and hit play after it comes back alive, and it works, but when I hit rewind,
> > it once again consumes 100% of the processor and hangs ardour for several
> > minutes.  The machine still responds, but ardour itself it locked.
> >
> > I can't go any further with testing this.  It's a bummer.  I was motivated
> > to start a new project on A3 and see what it could do.
> please keep in mind that there are dozens (possibly hundreds) of
> people who have not hit this behaviour. this means that it could be
> rather useful to everyone to debug what is actually going on. i
> understand if you don't have the time, but i can't reproduce this and
> as far as i'm aware neither can any of the other core alpha testers.
> finally, its note entirely impossible that this is caused by jack2 and
> its interactions with ardour3. i do not test jack2 at all, and i think
> most alpha testers (though definitely not all) are also using jack1.

    unfortunately/fortunately, i have been running JACK2 with all the
alphas and have not come across that behavior.

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