[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3 and Linuxsampler

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 13 14:27:45 PDT 2011

Hi list,

Debian Squeeze 6.0.2
Gnome 2.30.2
Jackd1 0.121.0+svn4469-2
QJackCtl 0.3.8
Ardour-3.0alpha9_9807-dbg/bin/ardour3 -d
Linuxsampler 1.0.0
Jsampler 0.9
a2jmidid 7.3

When play the USB kbd, the maestro_concert_grand_v2.gig record fine in 
A3 thru QJacks' connexions.
Or the really nice and intuitive Arours' connexions pannel. (no green 
point, no connect, that is correct))
And of course can rec the MIDI file and the audio one, together, or/and 
replay the audio thru the MIDI
connected to Linuxsampler. One can say the job is done. I'll say it too.

BUT, what is missing here to have it as LV2 plugin in Ardour ? Others 
LV2 non-instruments works...

Means, we all know in Linux every fork does it job well, and only his 
job. But without think to recreate
monolithic things, A3 seems to offer a certain viability with LV2 stuff ?

Question now will be, again, what is missing here to have it as LV2 
plugin in Ardour ?
Sure man, to launch and set everything in one time, Sir ! Do you have time ?

Sorry for the "tone" of this mail, hours on terminal is not good for 
guitarist trying to have synths, maybe ?

And, my pleasure to say : no doubt about it, Ardour 3 is THE future 
standard in audio pro-duction !!
(you know, don't like to put money in something that stinks))) -private 
joke, don't teka it bad-

Oups ! Forget to say locate lv2 ! :

Any help really appreciate, we're all here for that sharing feeling, 

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