[Ardour-Users] Harrison Mixbus-

david headon davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 16 11:43:11 PST 2011

Are there any list members currently using Harrison Mixbus?

I have been given unlimited loan  of a Mac G5 tower and was hoping to use Mixbus 
for its added functionality .
If list members could submit their experiences if any, it would help me greatly.

Mixbus is a good part of my long term plan for mixing and i'm curious about its 
performance and also whether it represents a helpful corporate contribution to 
Ardours continued development.

Also, I would like to know if Mixbus is going to follow relatively closely with 
the Ardour3 development scheme..

Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated-
Thanks in advance all!


David Headon would love you to drop in...





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