[Ardour-Users] Slightly improved import script

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Fri Jan 7 01:20:28 PST 2011

A year ago, I tried to import several hundred WAV files into Ardour with significant pain and suffering. I wrote a Python script to import for me much less painfully, but it was very ugly.

Well I just updated it to use ElementTree (partially), with a bit of a help screen, to handle giving it any existing Ardour session file to use as a template, and with the ability to append new wav files to an existing session instead of just creating a new session.


It's some very ugly code but it does work for importing lots of files (i.e. from a ProTools session) into Ardour. I don't know if it'd be useful to anyone else, but here it is anyway.

Now on to mix a new CD, one song at a time...


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