[Ardour-Users] some bugs

Ben Loftis ben at harrisonconsoles.com
Mon Feb 28 06:00:01 PST 2011

From: Kim Cascone <kim at anechoicmedia.com>

> I was working on a thirty minute mix of some pieces in Ardour and
> noticed some things that are still odd behaviors -- sorry if these are
> still known issues:
> - the 'end' marker still locates itself to the end of the length of
> longest imported sound file

The problem was that _any_ change to a region end would move the end 
marker to the end of that region.

This was fixed in svn 8446.   This fix was in the Mixbus v1.5 release 
for Linux,  but has not yet been incorporated into an Ardour release.

-Ben Loftis
Harrison Consoles

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