[Ardour-Users] Preferred USB Audio Interface

Melvin Ray Herr stilllearnin at thettpost.com
Mon Apr 11 06:37:46 PDT 2011

Yes I know, USB isn't preferred :)
I'm needing at least 4 channels of input. At this point I don't really 
care about output.
I have a laptop that I'd like to use to do some basic audio capture. I'm 
not planning to playback/record at the same time etc. Not looking for 
super low latency either. The laptop doesn't have firewire.

I want to simply set up, hit record, and go for it.
All editing/playback/mixing will happen on a good system back at home.

I've seen the lists of compatible usb devices but I'm looking for some 
recommendations based on what someone has actually used.

If you've used a USB device, what make/model is it and did you like it?
Again, latency isn't an issue. Audio quality is.


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