[Ardour-Users] shortcut cheatsheet!

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Mon Sep 20 02:03:52 PDT 2010

  i've just discovered paul's shortcut cheatsheet in the forums 
(fantastic!), and the ability to set my own shortcuts via the 
keybindings window.  this is also great, as some of the preset shortcuts 
are not available on my (scandanavian) keyboard. there was no 'boost 
region gain' shortcut, for example, as that (upward carat) character is 
not present (now i've changed it to '+').

two questions about the keybindings window:

1) is it searchable? it's a long list of actions to dig through when 
looking for something specific if you're not sure how it is described.

2) can i add actions to the list? specifically, i would like a shortcut 
to open a region's 'region editor' window, but i can't seem to find it 
in the list. or is there a shortcut for that already?



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