[Ardour-Users] Aligning recording with existing material

Per Sigmond per at sigmond.no
Mon Oct 25 09:51:13 PDT 2010

On Monday 25 October 2010 14:41:58 Paul Davis wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 7:51 PM, Per Sigmond <per at sigmond.no> wrote:
> > I have RME and the setting is "Audio hardware does minitoring".
> > 
> > As I just said in a posting (sent 5 seconds before your answer came in) I
> > found after some more testing that ardour 2.8.6 actually works perfectly
> > while 2.8.9 (and later) is misaligned.
> the monitoring setting is actually irrelevant.
> there have been a few reports of this issue over the last couple of
> months. i'd like to put some time into it, particularly because you've
> established that 2.8.6 works presumably with *exactly* the same set of
> steps. Its a bit tricky because of other committments right now, and
> the fact that in the past whenever I dig into this it turns out to be
> user error. In this case, I suspect its not that. There were some
> commits that specifically affected this stuff between 2.8.6 and 2.8.11
> and so in theory it should just be some triangulation of which ones
> caused the breakage. However, those changes were done for real
> reasons, so it will then be necessary to reconcile when they work
> versus when they break ...
> --p

Thanks, Paul. To give you a starting point I have attached a modified part of 
audio_diskstream.cc from 2.8.11 that actually seems to fix my problems. It 
seems to work even for punch in/out. The changes are based on looking at 2.8.6 
and pure luck :-). It may break something else, but it works for me.


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