[Ardour-Users] Noob Alert: Process Question - best practices for multiple takes

Stephen Nesbitt stephen_nesbitt at alumni.cmc.edu
Sat Oct 23 18:13:27 PDT 2010


I am just starting to use Ardour to regularly record my guitar efforts 
(sometimes known as the diary of how I am or am not improving). In doing so, I 
of course often will have numerous takes.

My question is from a process point of view - what is a suggested 
workflow/process? One track per take? Multiple tracks per tape? Keep recording 
throughout? Stop and start and recording for each take? And then how to review 
and select one of among many takes? And how to do it in a relatively seamless 
way that doesn't get in the way of the actual recording (Put the instrument 
down? Find mouse, click around, etc.)

I'm hoping Ardour users will share their experience and advise not on the 
functions of Ardour, but how best to use its function in this context.

Thanks in advance,


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