[Ardour-Users] click free editing and zero crossings?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu May 20 11:39:08 PDT 2010

John Emmas wrote:
> On 20 May 2010, at 17:23, Thomas Vecchione wrote:
>> Besides, most of the time, edits shouldn't need to match harmonics to the level you describe as that would essentially be mid note, and if you are editing like that, chances are it will be audible no matter what you do.  Always edit on the beat for a reason
> Well my particular expertise is in dialogue editing where I guess that the equivalent of a beat would be to edit at the start of words.  But I can assure you that editing mid-word is every bit as common as editing on a transient (start of word).
> It's certainly easier to edit on a transient - not least because it's much less likely to disturb the rhythm of the material (whether music or speech).  But editing on a transient is by no means essential for producing an inaudible edit.  Nor is any masking necessary if you can apply a suitable crossfade cleanly.
> Actually, you're talking to the guy who first came up with the idea of crossfading digital edits (at least for DAWs - I found out later that it was already commonplace for CD mastering).  However, until I joined AMS Neve (too many years ago!) none of the then DAWs offered a crossfade edit feature and it was my idea to experiment with it for our AudioFile DAW.  More than any other feature, it was probably AudioFile's slick and seamless editing that made it successful.
> Just need to go and deflate my head...!  :)
> John

Crossfading is the right way. I guess we all will hear the milliseconds 
of phasing for music, we edit by ourself, that's why I prefer to play or 
speak everything again instead of editing it, but anyway, nobody else 
will notice it. A click is audible for everyone and it doesn't matter 
what features you are using to avoid a click, excepted of a crossfade, 
this is the only way to avoid clicks, but it causes phasing. However, I 
wonder that editing out of silence is needed. Play or speak it again 
Sam! Not the whole song, but from one moment of silence to the other 
moment of silence. Editing when there isn't absolute silence always is 
audible, at least for the person who did the edit.

Btw. goof is part of a composition. Does AutoTune make vocals more 
pleasant, because they are perfectly tuned? Stop editing, keep mistakes 
or play it again!

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