[Ardour-Users] Crossfade "assembly" editor

Ben Loftis ben at harrisonconsoles.com
Fri Jun 4 07:29:00 PDT 2010

>> 1) Ben Loftis has already done a rework of the xfade editor with
>> voice/radio/broadcast in mind. We should get to drag it out into the
>> spotlight,

Sorry for the late response, I get this list as a digest.

To see the reworked crossfade editor, point your browser at this video:

If you use a little bit of imagination, you can see how it works.  You 
can edit either the "Outgoing" region, "Incoming", or "Both".  The mouse 
x/y/wheel axes are used to slip the regions in time, change their level, 
zoom in/out, and increase or decrease the fade length.  It is a VERY 
fast way to join (for example) syllables of spoken dialog.   It was 
modeled closely on the AMS Neve "AudioFile" DAW which, while outdated, 
is still in use by editors around the world.  John Emmas ( developer of 
ArdourExchange and who is also working on a Windows port )  helped me 
develop the new dialog.  He was a BBC editor who helped with the design 
of the original AudioFile.

The code is neatly self-contained; a motivated person could easily 
re-apply it to A2 or A3.  It is a separate dialog in addition to the 
existing crossfade editor.  You click either  "crossfade edit" or 
"assembly edit" to choose between the dialogs.

There were some performance issues and a few tricky corner cases that 
need to be ironed out before it is ready for release.  You'd also want 
to add the "jump to next edit" function as you mentioned in another 
message.  Anyone who is interested in the code, please send me a note.  
We're not developing it at the moment but it would make a nice addition 
to the codebase.

-Ben Loftis

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