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Glarbl_Blarbl glarblblarbl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 12:33:16 PDT 2010

On Jul 14, 2010, at 8:41 AM, Noel Darlow wrote:

>> Hi,
>> i've recently recorded the drums on 10 tracks and 4 playlists. I'm
>> about to edit it and i'd like to know how to switch all tracks from
>> playlist to playlist quickly. Any shortcut or way to group them?
>> Thank you
> I'd also find this useful.
> Noel
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I think you are looking for edit groups.  When I do a live-to-multitrack basic session I assign the tracks I'm recording to an edit group called basic.  That way when you go to make a new playlist/take you only have to do it once for all of those tracks.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure how well this works if you apply the edit groups after you make the new playlists.  The process is the same as making a mixing group, except you use the edit window.

1. look on the right-hand side of the edit window for the 'group' tab, click on it.
2. click on the '+' at the bottom of the edit group tab to create a new edit group, rename the new group to something meaningful
3. enable the new edit group by clicking on the checkbox in the edit group tab
4. assign the tracks you want to share a playlist to the new group by clicking on the 'g' button next to the track solo/rec enable/playlist buttons -- it will open a drop-down list where you will see your new edit group.

now when you change playlists on one of the tracks in the group, they will all change.  Watch out, though, when the edit group is enabled any editing you do will be applied to all of the tracks in the group!


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