[Ardour-Users] touch with behringer bcf?

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Thu Feb 11 02:27:40 PST 2010

Hi Jörn et al.,

I sometimes use "touch" automation with BCF2000 in Mackie/LC mode. I do
not know what the touch mode should work, but I use it while transport
is stopped to add/modify single points in the automation. Then ardour is
interpolating between those points. Existing automation is not modified,
or only, if the playhead is exactly at the time of an automation sample.
Once the automation is corrected in touch mode, I switch back to "play".

In earlier versions there was a problem when switching between manual
and touch mode: In touch mode, all faders have been reset to 0dB, even
if they have been configured manually to another value. I think this has
been fixed near 2.7.x, but I am not sure.

I hope this helped.


Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> hi everybody!
> can anyone explain how "touch" automation works in ardour, and if
> there's a workaround to get the behringer bcf to work in touch mode?
> afaiu, professional controllers generate an additional "fader touch"
> event - i wonder how that would translate to a simple MIDI controller
> binding?
> is it possible to have ardour react to incoming MIDI events which are
> *not* caused by ardour sending controller feedback?
> i.e. ardour lets the faders fly, i grab one, parameter change, ardour
> lets go and starts recording automation events.
> alternatively, mapping one of the toggle buttons to a "take manual
> control and write automation/ release manual control and play back
> existing automation" would work as well...
> how are other people using touch automation?
> best,
> jörn

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