[Ardour-Users] Midi

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Feb 8 05:48:19 PST 2010

martin castle wrote:
> Hi!
> I realise that Ardour is likely to include MIDI support in the next 
> version, and so this (technically) isn't an Adrdour related question 
> BUT...
> Do any of you use a MIDI keyboard with OPEN SOURCE software?
> I just bought a nice KB37 keyboard, but really use it. I need 
> something that will let me play it and make sounds that I can record. 
> One of my problems is terminology, i know, I dont know what this is 
> called & it makes it hard to google it (not through lack of trying 
> though, i hasten to add).
> Thanks for your time,
> Martin

A lot of people do so, me too. Btw. also Ardour versions < 3 do include 
MIDI support, I guess MIDI Machine Control and MIDI Time Code, but no 

You can record MIDI events by a so called "sequencer", e.g. "Qtractor" 
http://qtractor.sourceforge.net/qtractor-index.html. For Qtractor you 
can add so called DSSI plug-ins, for example Fluidsynth DSSI. Fluidsynth 
DSSI is a sample player, that can load so called "soundfonts", free once 
are available at http://www.hammersound.net/.


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