[Ardour-Users] Ardour 2.8.7 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Feb 3 13:25:24 PST 2010

Ardour 2.8.7 has been released and can be downloaded now from

This is a bug fix release almost exclusively focused on OS X. These
fixes enable correct operation and use of several "families" of AU
plugins, including those from Stillwell/Schwa. If you've had issues
with some AU's even after the 2.8.5 fixes, this is worth trying. Linux
users who do not use the Czech translation have little reason to
upgrade at this time.


    * Smarter decision making when deciding which in/out configuration
to choose when handling an AU plugin that has several.
    * When exporting/bouncing/consolidating, tell AU plugins the new
processing blocksize so they will actually run during the process.
Yes, that means what you think it means.
    * Remove use of std::locale() which is utterly and completely
broken on OS X, and causes a program to crash if used with any actual
national locale.
    * Don't reconfigure I/O of AU plugins when they already have the
correct I/O configuration


Updated Czech translation from Pavel Fric


Ben Loftis, Paul Davis, Pavel Fric

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