[Ardour-Users] remove track bug?

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Dec 27 16:42:30 PST 2010

sorry if this has been discussed already and a known issue
but I just upgraded from Ardour 2.8.2 on Ubuntu 9.04
to Ardour 2.8.11 on Ubuntu 10.10
and have been digging out from under the weirdness of kernel changes 
better known as the 'broadcom driver kernel dance'
but I digress...

I expereienced a bug in Ardour 2.8.11 which I'll describe here:

- I opened a session that I created in 2.8.2 which had 14 soundfiles - 
arranged one to a track
- hence 14 tracks contained one sound file each
- I deleted all the sound files from the 14 tracks -- by selecting all 
and deleting
- then I imported the same 14 sound files which filled in new tracks 
from #15 - 28 leaving 1-14 blank
- I then went to remove tracks by selecting tracks 1 - 14, right 
clicking and selecting 'remove'
- after discovering 'remove' only removed one track at a time I removed 
a couple of tracks until I tried to remove a third or fourth track when 
Ardour crashed
- I repeated the behavior with the same file but did not make a new file 
in 2.8.11 and test this behavior there

here is a report from the syslog after the first crash:

  kim-studio kernel: [42158.248736] ardour-2.8.11[32517]: segfault at 8 
ip af620da1 sp bfc7b720 error 4 in libardour_genericmidi.so[af616000+f000]
Dec 27 13:14:11 kim-studio pulseaudio[1812]: sink-input.c: Failed to 
create sink input: sink is suspended.


then report from the second crash:

kim-studio kernel: [ 5821.089537] ardour-2.8.11[4008]: segfault at 37 ip 
b7502b00 sp aeabaed0 error 4 in libardour.so[b7479000+298000]

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