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Wed Aug 11 21:46:20 PDT 2010


IMO Suse isn't good, OTOH IIRC Rui does run Suse, but he also compiles a
> lot his self. At the moment I'm booted into Suse 11.2. The kernel-rt
> from the repositories doesn't work, I need to compile it myself and
> after each startup I need to wait 11 seconds and then to push Ctrl + Alt
> + Double-Backspace, before I start a session, but after that it's stable
> for JACK audio, while media players that don't use JACK do not have
> sound for my GNOME desktop, even when JACK isn't running.

I'm not really much of a distribution advocate, simply because I find people
end up using what they end up being most comfortable with. Just wanted to
report the opposite of Ralf's experiences under openSUSE 11.2. I compile
very little, and have a stable system. I've tried ubuntustudio, kxstudio,
AVLinux, fedora/CCRMA and 64 Studio, but I keep coming back to openSUSE.

I've set up a build service repository for 11.2 with Ladish/JACK rpms, as
well as a couple of apps that I couldn't find in other repos. Also, I've
always found the RT kernels provide by J.eng to be quite stable and have
decent performance - in my experience better than any Ubuntu kernels I've
tested, though not quite on par with Fernando's usually excellent CCRMA
kernels. On top of this, Rui is kind enough to package all of his apps for
openSUSE, so you are getting RPMs direct from the dev.

When I get around to it, I hope to put up a wiki page at opensuse.org on
configuring an openSUSE audio system. Anyway, I'd say don't rule out
openSUSE entirely, especially if you are a KDE fan.

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