[Ardour-Users] ardour & "phoning home"

Hein Zelle hein at icce.rug.nl
Mon Aug 9 02:27:39 PDT 2010

Simon Wise wrote:

> 2) If a person can't trust Paul enough to tell him which version of
> his software they are using and which OS they are using it on, how
> can they possibly trust him enough to allow his software to run on
> their system! I am assuming of course that very few have actually
> studied the code and the libraries it uses closely enough to
> understand them fully before compiling, then installing, the
> binaries.

I think the danger is that many people (and probably more so using
linux than windows/mac) have become increasingly allergic to software
doing things behind their backs.  So even though I agree with the
above completely and will always tell Paul everything he wants to know
about my ardour usage, you still have to be careful not to generate a
negative response (as many have said in this thread).

For me (can't speak for others) it would be sufficient if
- there was a clear notification that the website is about to be notified
- the notice lists the information that will be sent
- there is an easy way to reply "not now" or "not ever".

A final point to keep in mind may be the lack of internet connectivity
on audio workstations - I keep mine off the net on purpose, and I know
at least one other person (not using ardour but doing professional
work) who does the same.  In my case, I would have to start
ardour on a different PC to give you some feedback.  An alternative method
(perhaps a questionnaire on a website) might bring some additional

	Hein Zelle


 Unix is user friendly. It's just very particular about who 
 it's friends are.

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