[Ardour-Users] Performance Testing question

Brett Clark brett.clark at zirous.com
Tue Sep 29 11:33:42 PDT 2009

I just finished compiling the latest stable kernel (, but I had
errors when I tried to add in Ingo's RT patch so I left that out.  His
patch was for 2.6.31, which is where I assume the problem is.  In the
past I always grabbed the RT patched kernel from CCRMA.  Anyway, I
compiled and have booted to this new kernel and started running some
tests to see any issues without the RT patch installed.  Here's my specs
for the test:


Kernel: stock 2.6.31 from kernel.org

Ardour:  2.8.1 (compiled from source)


Session info:

Sample rate: 24/96

Mono tracks: 13 playback, 8 record

Mono Busses: 8

Tracks with EQ: 12

Tracks with TAP Dynamics compression: 12

Song length: 2 minutes 30 seconds.



Pentium 4 (2.4 Ghz).  I know, its old.

Memory: 700 Meg


For the tracks, I just imported a wav and applied either the left or
right channel to the tracks.  Fortunately,  I was able to run this
through w/o any XRuns even though the CPU was running at 90%.


Onto my questions:

Is this a valid load test?  If not, what would you do to test the max
your system can handle?  Im just looking for some type of benchmark that
I can use for future upgrades, etc.







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