[Ardour-Users] two questions

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Tue Sep 1 23:58:29 PDT 2009

Paul Davis wrote:
>> - I have been doing more sound file editing in Ardour; making regions that
>> fit a time constraint for a piece I'm writing. I am stumped as to how to
>> determine how long a region is. I've tried clicking on it with various keys
>> held down and no settings that jump out at me in the menu...
>> Is there a setting for the time counter that will allow me to see the length
>> of a region or a selection of contiguous regions ?
> right click on the region, pick "Popup region editor" to get a little
> dialog that displays start, end, length (all editable from within the
> dialog, and each clock can be switched to any format you wish)

That is a nice little dialog. Regarding the clock format, changes do
only affect the specific region editor of one specific region and do not
affect the other region editors. Changes are not persistent across
save/quit/reopen (the same holds for the location dialog; it would be
nice to have something like a global option). This is 2.7.1.

My work flow to measure a region length is this (does not require
opening the dialog):

- switch second clock to delta-to-edit
- set grid to region bounds
For each region:
- place a marker at region start (or select existing one)
- locate playhead to region end

This is a two-click-per-region action (opening the dialog is three
clicks if the default clock format is what you need).

-- Giso

PS: I have not browsed mantis for the clock format feature; this is just
a note, not a feature wish or bug report ;-)

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