[Ardour-Users] export/bounce/consolidate

sh0099 sh0099 at gmx.de
Thu Sep 3 06:13:16 PDT 2009

since the situation about the different region and range transformations 
is not realy clear ask for some conceptual ideas:

regions can be:
bounced (to regionlist)

a range can be:
bounced (to regionlist)

exported means written to a file.
bounced means written to a file and added as a new region in the region 
consolidated means written to a file and replacement of the regions at 
that time.
consolidation and bouncing of ranges can be with effects.

i think the naming is not good, consolidation (ProTools) and bouncing 
(Nuendo) are somehow the same.

how about a submenue:
write -> with/without processing -> to regionlist,to track,to new track

sorry i am not really an interface designer so sorry for the actual words.

i just wrote for me a function which i call
creat individual copy
which creates a new file for the selected regions

i don't know how to get this into the proposed menu.
whatwhat do you think about this proposal?



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