[Ardour-Users] opening 3 channel file on a 4 channel track

e deleflie edeleflie at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 23:52:33 PDT 2009

Hi Jörn,

> hmm. if you mix 3h1p, your panner will determine the channel order.
> it doesn't make much sense to use a 16ch master bus in that case - you
> will be shuffling a large number of zeros around for no reason. make
> your master bus 9 channels, and add the silent channels when you export.

The thing is that I already have all the material (generated using
Supercollider))... so I wont be doing any panning. All I want to do is
mix 3rd order periphonic and horizontal only.

I can write a script that copies the periphonic files and deletes any
non-horizontal channels. I guess that's probably the easiest.

I'm also very interested in work-flows for ambisonic authoring. I
think there is an important observation here ... which is the workflow
of mixing different orders. In an ideal world, you could just dump a
bunch of ambisonic tracks into an environment (without caring what
order they have implemented) ,,, and mix it down to the lowest-common
order (or just export certain chosen channels).

Actually, Ardour is really not that far away from being able to do
that. All it needs is to implement a switch to turn off spreading 1
channel into the other empty ones ... and it is practically there.

> if you have the resources to move all those zeroes, you might just as
> well produce in 3rd order peri and downgrade when you master... so you
> can later benefit from the superior h/v mixed order scheme once suitable
> players are available.

yes I agree. To my mind all synthetic material should be produced to
one agreed order. I'd say 3rd periphonic is ideal.


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