[Ardour-Users] opening 3 channel file on a 4 channel track

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Sat Oct 10 20:11:07 PDT 2009

e deleflie wrote:
> I think my preferred solution is to have 4 tracks where the fourth one
> is an empty one. (i.e. I'll just add an empty track to all my 3
> channel ones).
> I'm just testing before moving onto mixing 3rd order periphonic with
> 3rd order horizontal (9 empty channels out of 16).. so there's going
> to be lots of empty channels (I'd rather not re-route).

hmm. if you mix 3h1p, your panner will determine the channel order.
it doesn't make much sense to use a 16ch master bus in that case - you
will be shuffling a large number of zeros around for no reason. make
your master bus 9 channels, and add the silent channels when you export.

if you have the resources to move all those zeroes, you might just as
well produce in 3rd order peri and downgrade when you master... so you
can later benefit from the superior h/v mixed order scheme once suitable
players are available.

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